Services We Provide

While you are away from home:
  • dog walking
  • potty breaks
  • medication administration
  • offer food, treats & water
  • litter box maintenance
  • ear scratches & belly rubs
  • **pet sitting for dogs in your home is
    offered on a limited basis

Housesitting services available while you are
away overnight:
  • bring in the mail
  • turn lights off or on
  • water plants

Pet Transportation:
  • to/from groomer, vet etc.

Weekend Daycare:
  • this is a new service we are offering, we
    will try to flexible with drop off/pick up
    times until we determine what works best
  • call for details
  • space is limited

Private Dog Boarding, what we provide:
  • 15-20 minute group walks
  • playtime with friends in the fenced yard
    and in the house
  • slower paced dogs are welcome to find a
    comfy spot and watch everyone else run
  • homemade treats
  • plenty of petting and tlc
  • just spending the day hanging out, much
    in the way they do at your house

What you bring:
  • your dog's leash and collar with tags,
    gentle leader, harness etc.
  • food and any specific treats, we have
    plenty of bowls
  • medicines with clearly written instructions
  • please leave your bedding at home, we
    have plenty to keep your pet comfortable

Some of our boarding policies:
  • you will need to bring your dog for a
    temperment assessment(approx. 30min.)
  • we need a copy of your vet's record of
    your dog's current vaccinations
    (distemper, bordetella, parvo, rabies)
  • dogs need to be spayed or neutered
  • dogs need to be potty trained for the
  • your dog doesn't need to be perfect(mine
    aren't), but should be relatively well
  • dogs with stitches/bandages and
    pregnant dogs will be accepted on a case
    by case basis
  • puppies will be accepted on a case by
    case basis and there may be an extra
  • all dogs must be on flea and tick
    prevention medicine, if a dog is found to
    have fleas or ticks he/she will be treated
    by a professional groomer at the owner's
    expense and may need to be taken to
    other accommodations
  • we cannot accept dogs with severe
    aggression issues
  • space for boarding is limited

I go out to the
kitchen to feed
the dog, but that's
about as much
cooking as I do.

   -Betty White