Initial consult is free of charge.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting
$14.....15 min. visit
8.....30 min. visit
2.....45 min. visit (available as the schedule

Weekend Daycare
$21 per day
1 per day for 2nd dog of the same owner

Private Dog Boarding
$36 per night for 1 dog for nights 1-7
1 per night for 1 dog for nights 8+
6 per night for 2nd dog of the same owner
6 per partial day
6 per partial day for 2nd dog of same owner

Partial day accounts for dogs that go home
after 10am.
No daily charge for dogs that go home before
Puppies are accepted on a case by case basis
and may carry an extra charge.

Our weekly mid-day dog walking clients receive
a discount of $3
1 per night for 1 dog, all other
prices are the same.

You will need to bring your dog for a
temperament assessment. This should take no
longer than 30 min.
Please contact us for more detailed
information, including drop off/pick up times
and vaccination requirements.

Pet Transportation
Within our service area:
$10 for one-way transport.
$20 for round-trip transport. Example: from
home to vet and from vet to home. (There is an
extra charge if we are to wait with your pet.)
Outside our service area: minimum of $5
additional transportation charge. Call or email
for details.       

New weekly clients are asked to pay for the
first week up front and will be billed bi-weekly
after that. Full payment is due 10 days after
invoicing. Vacationing and boarding clients are
asked to pay a 50% deposit before their
services and full payment is due within 10 days
of invoicing.

We accept cash and checks.

Key pick up/drop off charge $5. We cannot be
responsible for keys left outside the home. If
you will use our services several times a year,
it is preferable to give us a key to keep
securely on file.

New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
There will be a surcharge on holidays of $10
per day for pet visits and boarding.

Cancellations during the rest of the year
We reserve the right to charge for
appointments that are cancelled with less than
24 hours notice. Cancellations made with less
than 48 hours notice during holidays may be
charged 50% of the deposit-(pertains to
vacationing and boarding clients).
Outside of a dog, a
book is man's best
friend. Inside of a
dog it's too dark to
- Groucho Marx