Humane Society gives good reasons to Spay or
Neuter your pet.
  • Reduce number of homeless pets killed
  • Improve your pet's health
  • Reduce unruly behavior
  • Save on the cost of pet care
  • Help your pet bunny

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Services:
Ohio Animal Companion & click on Resources tab.
Spay Ohio

Pet Nutrition Info:
Do you ever wonder if your dog or cat is getting
proper nutrition? Does the food you feed help
your pet to thrive or just survive? Dr. Karen
Becker talks about the benefits of different
forms of food and how to interpret the
ingredients listing.
Watch part 1.

In part 2 of How to choose a good food for your
dog or cat, Dr. Becker talks about what you do
not want to see on the ingredient list and why.

Opening your home to a new friend:
When you are thinking of bringing a new pet
into your home, please visit some of central
Ohio's wonderful  animal shelters and rescue
Capital Area Humane Society
Franklin County Animal Shelter
Columbus Dog Connection
Measles Animal Haven
Hand Me Down Dobes
Pets Without Parents
Central Ohio Pit Savers

Does your dog think you need some training?
There are many resources for you in Columbus,
here are a few.
Columbus All Breed Training Club
PosiDog Canine Learning Center
National K9 Learning Center
Behaviorist at OSU

Check out local artist Kelly Zalenski's cool dog

ASPCA is a terrific source of information for
pet owners. Always keep their animal poison
control hotline number handy, 888-426-4435.
Studying cows, pigs
& chickens can help
an actor develop his
character. There are
a lot of things I
learned from
animals. One was
that they couldn't
hiss or boo me.

-James Dean